Adios Paul-tributes,facts about walker’s life

Adios Paul-tributes,facts about walker’s life

As one last ride is so far trading successfully on box offices across globe,the movie ends not only as the last of the series but also as a tribute to Paul walker who passed a copule of years ago on November 30th,2013 when he met a fatal car accident.

He once himself quoted,
 ‘If one day the speed kills me, don’t cry. Because I was smiling.’
so we rejoice his memories with a list of facts that we know less about his life

Love for Marine Biology made him a part of National Geographic series. 
Marine Biology was actually Paul Walker’s first love and continued to stay with him even through his success as an Actor. He majored in Marine Biology at a California community college and was a huge fan of Marine Biologist Jacques-Yves Cousteau. He went on to join the Board of Directors of the Billfish Foundation in 2006 and went on to do many projects including the National Geographic series “Expedition Great White” in 2010.

Moments before death:Donated to charity
Helping Chilean victims after the earthquake as well as victims of the earthquake in Haiti, he was a true humanitarian.  In 2010, he helped found the non-profit organization Reach Out Worldwide (ROWW), a disaster relief organization. Also, in 2010 he helped form REACT (Rapid Emergency Assistance Care Team), a group of EMTs and health-care professionals whose goal is to get into disaster zones the minute they hear news- ahead of the larger and less mobile emergency teams. Paul Walker was actually hosting a charity event to raise money for the victims of the Philippines Typhoon on the day that he died.

Was up for joining Army when the gulf war broke out

At the time of gulf war he expressed his will to boot up and join the boys fighting war in gulf.
Although it turned out to be a big no for him but walker always expressed his strong will to be a part of the action and become a real time fighter too.Guess,there are less people who actually think of justifying their roles in real life and we lost a rare one.

Real time Professional racer 
Maybe joining army was an impossible venture but he justified his racing adrenaline in real life.
He was a professional rider and had the privilege to choose the car he wanted to drive in the scene(the only one to have such rights in such long cast).
Even his own cars were featured in the movie too.Image above is a pic from his professional racing team AE where we can see Roger Rodas with him died in the same car and in the same accident along walker.

And now the AWWWWW time that you are gonna have along with tears rolling down

Full Time Father unfortunately For a short time
Paul walker just before his death decided to be a full time father (another rare thing in the culture) when he and his daughter Meadow Rain Walker Decided to stay together.Unfortunately it dint ended much long and fate decided to be cruel.

Some people are immortal for their unforgettable roles.
Walker played one of such on screen or off screen and will always stay in our hearts.
If there is to choose another name for the series F&F,Walkers Way would certainly be the one.