Vin Diesel being worshipped as “BABA ABHUTNATH”

Monday mornings are boring and on in 2nd week of vacations I am spending in my hometown Gorakhpur,every day is.

But this Monday super thrilled me as a sadhu came to my house asking donations in the name of ‘baba abhutnath’.

The moment I saw his baba I felt the need of digging into the matter and get myself some holy knowledge too.

Here is the interview of one of the preachers of baba abhutnath aka vin diesel

Me:who the hell is he there in your locket?

Sadhu: be wise you fool or you fool or you will end up in hell.

Me:ok ok who is he master ?


Sadhu:he is baba abhutnath. The one who has Devine knowledge of all mortals and immortal beings.

Me:where did you meet him ?

Sadhu:its not necessary for a devotee and his master to meet face to face in this materialistic world.we share a Devine connection,more what you ignorants call dreams.

Me:so he visit in your dreams and preach you?

Sadhu:Not just me,there are many like me whom he has enlightened and set us upon on this path of service to the dying humanity.

Me:what did he teach you ?

Sadhu:many things that will take one to be a follower for whole life to understand but to sum up,he says we all should go on right path coz in the end we see all of us again in eternity.

Me:oh that sounds so much like wiz haven’t you seen him anywhere else ?(showing him this image on my cellphone)like this way anywhere ?



Sadhu:You are doomed by the evil Photoshop kid.My master is way more cooler than you pretend to show me.

I am out no more exchange of words.I gave him some money and sent him away while he left me wondering,what the heck was that ?

And now I leave you with the same question,”what……that ?”

Go on and unsolve this mystery for me,yourself,us or entire humanity or I ll keep my believe of seeing fast and notorious as the next part.

Have a good day

Let baba abhutnath’s blessings be upon you.


Shailesh Sharma