Barefaced Liar : Extreme Music Review

This Delhi based Band has been into every music lovers playlist.

Formed in 2008 by 2 high school friends and ‘Best Guitar Players'(source -IIT Roorkee and IIM Lucknow)
Akshay chowdhary and Sumant Balakrishnan (aka Bala),Barefaced liar is back with tons of music and eye popping surprises.

Their latest one in the scene is a song already soaring all over named ‘Mind Over Matter’.

From the self titled album,Mind over matter is a song filled with all good things you look for in a song.
Why not stop and Have a listen first.

“The song has a very modern edge to its soundscape with driving guitars, synth layers and a solid rhythm section laid over an infectious delay guitar riff and the chorus is guaranteed to get stuck in your head,” – Sumant Balakrishnan,BFL

We spoke to Akshay Chowdary just to dig up a little more


Question :  A confession regarding the album testifying your honesty
Akshay    : It was completely recorded at home.

                    You Serious ???
Akshay    : Yeah.Vocals,guitars,bass,synths,were tracked at home.
                Except for the drums,that part was done in traditional form at a studio.


What Genre will you put it in ?

Akshay : Album does not stick to particular genre but seems to have our signature sound of harmony vocals and driving guitar riffs/solo’s.


You guys have even paid detailed attention to album art                                                                    which is a rare thing in the scene 

Akshay : We accept that.We took it as a first hand visual description of music                                               so custom art was needed and We got customized artwork done for all tracks by  

               Kunel Gaur.We really thank him for making this album look more beautiful in colors.


What’s more to come ?

Akshay : Michael Angelo Batio has done a collaboration on ‘Dig yourself In’

               – that version will be released soon.



Dammmmmn HE SAID THAT!!!!!

Coming Back to Our Review,

Here is the detailed Analysis

Keeping in mind most of the part being recorded at home,we are completely blown away to hear the superior quality of audio.

The composition justifies bands tradition to compose music that puts an impression of an Indian Band and is surely Inspiring for generations to come.Given the skill power of riffs being played by both the guitarists its a complete challenge for a vocalist to maintain track with the music.Yet,they successfully did achieve that milestone as well.

Rhythm part keeps the track tight.Be it in bass or drums,they both go hand in hand and justify the title.
Yeah these musicians do put their minds over matter.


We have two videos from the album and a play along on toe the line as well that was dropped most recently.

Mind over matter has the same level of energy flowing in the video that a listener will hear to.
Special mention should be given to the led wall effect that were equalizing all the time along with the song.
The band looks fabulous and sets milestones on how things should go on screen for a music album.

Package Flavor    

As mentioned earlier ,detailing has been taken care of in every little part of the album.
And it all integrates so well as an album that you
defintly can’t put your hands away from grabbing it.
There is something very important that this album teaches the generation.

By paying a detailed attention to the album cover art,its really important to keep the fact in mind that an album makes first sight impression visually too.

  And now the time for over all BuZZ Meter Score ,

4.52 of 5 


We can put mind over matter while listening to this album for sure .

Its a trendsetter in every vital aspect of a band music and theses  to be taken from it are tremendously rich.

Don’t you wait anymore ,Go and listen to it like ……….. RIGHT NOW !!!!