Apple with bumpers

Apple iphone 6s focused on strength of product.7000 series aluminum from aerospace industry – toughest alloy ever used in an iphone and screen made by specialized dual ion-exchange process shows companies intrest towards device reliability.

They are taking a giant leap in the direction as their latest patent suggests.

Apple recently applied patent for a technology that will triger tractable bumpers automatically if a device starts to fall.


Titled as Active screen protection for electronic device,the patent was filed by Tyson Manullang -mechanical engineer working at apple.



1 Sensor detects drop

2 Bumpers move from bottom dead center to top dead center.

3 Shock gets absorbed by bumper surfaces.

It can be used as multiple surface absorbing module,so as to distribute shock energy evenly as much as possible and prevent the damage.

Still nothing can be said about its actual application as apple has a long history of getting things patented that theu feel may come in their own course of advancement.

But one thing is sure,designs are going to change drastically.