Campus Charity Drive @ Children’s Valley Pre-School,Greater noida

12th of August,2016 will now be remembered as a day when Kids with tiny hands took on the biggest problem of our society.
Student’s (mainly age group 3 to 6 years) from Children’s Valley Pre-School,Greater Noida stepped out for their friends in society who lack amenities in terms of education.
Time stood still when kids from this youngest campus seized the gap between the rich and the poor by spending an entire day with kids from slums and gifting them necessary goods.

The event began at 9:30 AM in the morning with a patriotic song sung by one of the kids from slum schools of NGO WINGS and HUHC.
Then kids from school and slum presented mimicry show of famous Indian Freedom fighters.
The arena enchanted with slogans “तुम मुझे खून दो,मैं तुम्हे आज़दी दूंगा । ”

What followed next was some energetic dance performances that ensured everyone in the hall tapped their feets.
Boys stole the show by teaching everyone how to चिन ता ता चिता चिता  and chill 😀
Girls on the other hand danced adorably to मईया यशोदा ये तेरा कन्हैया |

After a handful of entertaining performances,an Informative performance took on the stage.
Faculty members of the campus,presented a skit on importance of cleanness and good habits in day to day life.
This was Swacch bharat abhiyan for young kids.

The school authority arranged a lunch programm as well for the kids from slum school.
Tasty food and samosas were enjoyed by each kid putting joy on face and food in stomach.

A little motivational session was done by Miss Payal Jain,who talked to each kid personally and Inspired them to seek their talents within inner-self and to work hard in life with education as a tool for success.

After the session,began the drawing competition.
Younger ones were asked to color-fill diagrams and elder ones were asked to sketch complete drawing.
Kids really did so well that it was tremendously hard to decide the winner among them.

But as they say last not the least,we’ll prefer last but the best moment of the day arrived when Children’s valley school’s kids came out with gifts for their friends from slum school.It was almost unbelievable to realise that kids of such a small age group have come out to donate for the needy ones in the society.
It was at this moment that all it took to demolish the gap between rich and poor was,a little kid.

The kids bid farewell with hands so full as the heart was with happiness and so were we.
volunteers from our partner NGO’s Help Us To Help The Child and WINGS  pulled out an amazing initiative on the expense of hard work and dedication,we are so fortunate to have them along.

Children’s Valley Pre-School has proved the moral strength that they teach their kids is unmatched.
Who at such a young age will try doing something only a big heart can do? Kids from Children’s Valley can.
We would also like to thank their parents for making it a ground reality and wish them all bright days that their kids will take them too coz we believe they are our HOPE.