Cellar Darling : The band every Metal fan is wondering about

The Entire metal fan base recieved one of the most tragic news of all time when 3 members of Eluveitie announced
their signing off from their journey with the band.

Fortunatly they are back with something promisiing enough to take a breath of relief.

Anna ,Ivo and Merlin Introduce to you,

The Cellar Darling .

Their latest venture and something that has kept fans wondering millions of expectations,what is it going to be like 

So dont you worry,we got you.
Here is an exclusive interview we dit with the band .

Q : First of all let the imaginations get a little rest.
      what is the complete line up?are we going to see more new faces in the band ?

Merlin: It's the three of us, and that's the way we'll keep it for the foreseeable future. It is incredibly important to be able to trust each other when embarking on such an adventure, and the three of us have been fortunate to form a strong bond and a musical match over the years.

So 3 of you,and come what may come ?

Ivo: Yes, this is the complete line-up! However, we will use a bass player for our live shows.

Q : what's the genre and music going to be like? Celtics metal or something different this time?

Ivo: We are currently writing songs and still finding our sound, but it’s gonna have heavy riffs, loud drums and Anna’s vocals and hurdy gurdy. We don’t want limit us to a specific genre.

Merlin : I second that! Ivo has his signature style of guitar riff, which has been a crucial part of many Eluveitie songs. And I don't have to say anything about Anna's talent on both hurdy gurdy and vocals! I can't wait to hear what this combination has in store for the future.

Q : We all know how challenging such situations are when a newly formed band has a lot of expectations to answer from fan base that has loved them for their previous work.On the other hand,you got to face the challenges of setting up the marketing aspects as well.
So will you be launching originally composed songs by Cellar Darling and then tours or the tour comes first?or which ever way you have decided ? or you will be using your past work as well ?

Ivo: With Cellar Darling, all songs will be completely new and composed from scratch, yes.

Merlin : As Ivo says, Cellar Darling will be 100% original, new music. And I would like to add that I could not think more highly of both Anna's and Ivo's talents, and of the potential of the three of us together - I am extremely excited to hear the results!

Q : so are we 🙂 Lets help fans managing some travelling they'll be doing for their love for you three,
when and where will the first concert be?
and how about a reminder they are waiting to set - any expected time when we will be seeing the band release some new work?

Ivo: As we stated in our band announcement, we have confirmed a show on the 17h of December, 2016 in Melkweg, Amsterdam, supporting the incredible Anneke Van Giersbergen's 'The Gentle Storm'! We are currently working hard on new songs and hope to release some new material as soon as possible, but we don’t have a specific date yet.

Merlin: I don't know if this will be our very first show, but as Ivo says we count ourselves lucky to have been able to confirm the show with The Gentle Storm already. Anna has toured with Anneke Van Giersbergen with her solo album, and I had the privilege to be part of that tour as well - Anneke is a fantastic person and an incredible musician, so we are very excited about this one!

 [ Admin note : Mission report December 17th,2016-Fans,Reach Amsterdam.I repeat Reach Amsterdam].

Q : The stage has always been your's and let me just hand over the mic to you
       We step aside and leave our readers to you,your message for fans

Ivo: You guys are the best! We will work hard on making our best music possible.

Merlin: We always knew that we had the best fans in the world when we were in Eluveitie. The incredible support we've enjoyed since the split has just reinforced this even more - we can't wait to see you all at our future shows, and we will work our asses off to visit every single one of your countries as soon as humanly possible.


Oh hell I am Excited,aren't you?Yeah you should be.
After all we know we are going to get something really big in the scene after a long time.

We really wish all the success to Cellar Darling and make music rich.

Thank you Cellar Darling for adressing fans from our platform,we really are honored.

Guys,You know what to do next .

Go On,Support them as always like their pages here and stay tuned as we know something significant is coming


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Writing couldn't go better! Ivo Henzi is kicking ass.

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First full band rehearsal for my Australia shows! This is going to rock.

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