Drawn but still Barça the Liga Leaders

Messi opened the scoring at the 14th minute of the game.
It was a Typically splendid from The Magical Messi, the ball came through to him on the right corner of the box and Tremoulinas with the unenviable task of confronting him, knew as well as anyone what was coming. The Argentine shifts the ball onto his left foot drives in the same direction to create space for the shot and curls a dime into the far corner. A kind which he does the best, and has been doing consecutively from his last two games.
By the 31st minute Barça extended their lead by one more goal, a free kick about to be taken by Messi, but he invites Neymar at the very last moment. Which confuses the Sevilla goalkeeper and settles past the net at the very top left corner.

By the 38th and the 84th minute goals from Sevilla men Banega and Gamiero respectively. The home side came from behind to remain unbeaten and letting Barça lose the very important 2 points.

After 31 games each Barça still comfortable at the top of the table with 75 points and with 73 points their rival Real stays at the 2nd position.

Next Barça game is on 16th April in which they are being hosted by the PSG side for the Champions League Quarter Finals.