Finally a new state of matter : Jahn-Teller metal

Finally a new state of matter : Jahn-Teller metal

Jahn-Teller a new state of matter has been discovered by Japanese scientist.The matter shows similarity with a insulator,superconductor, metal all combined in to one.
Kosmas Prassides scientist at Tokohu University has made the discovery while going through a superconductor made of carbon 60 molecules or buckyballs.
Superconductors are special type of material that offers zero resistance to electric currents when cooled below a certain critical temperature.The study of superconductors were going from last 2 decades and has given interesting results.
The state of matter discovered contains cesium fulleride CS3C60 molecule in a FCC i.e. in a face center cubic with a CS3C60 molecule at each lattice site.
This research could help discover new superconductor which work at even high temperature.It is found that material has a combination of insulating, magnetic, metallic and superconducting phases and also a unknown phase which is now name as Jahn-Teller metal.
This research provide interesting information about how electronic structure of molecules and their inter spacing in the lattice can strengthen the property of superconductivity.