Indian Railways Trials First Solar Powered Train

(Image source:The Economic Times)

First railway coach rolled out with the help of solar pannels mounted on its roof.A Non A-C coach is used for experiment by North Delhi division on 3 June 2015.
The non renewable energy sources which we are using to run railway coaches at present exist in a fix amount and are consumed much faster than nature can reconstruct them.
These ecofriendly coaches run by solar pannel will reduce our dependency on fossil fuels which tales millions of years to form and thus we can reduce use of carbon.
This is the first time when this type of system is used to fulfill power requirements of lights and fans in history of Indian railways.Also the maintainence cost of these types of coaches is less comparing to existing teachnique coaches.
The coach was attached to SPART i.e. Self propelled accident relief unit and this experiment is done b/w Delhi to New Delhi railway stations.