Japan : The land of Rising International Education

Japan : The land of Rising International Education

A recent report published by  the Japan Student Services Organisation aka JASSO says that the number of overseas students studying in Japan
Has increased by 12% within just year.

Uni-till May 2017,there were 188,384 foreign students studying at higher education institutions.
Considering a 10% increment since the previous year, additionally  78,658 foreign students were at Japanese language institutes showing a 15 per cent increase.

Japanese industries are known for their excellence in electronics and automobile.
Also considering the tremendous potential Japanese animation Industry has been showing,it’s pretty obvious that Japan has now decided to take the Asian education share.

According to experts, the primary reason for this rise is contributed to the rise of Japanese companies in other countries,which in an in-direct way demonstrated the career opportunity
Japan has hidden within it’s perimeters.

Language has always been a major obstacle in adapting Japan as most of freshers used to report and was a major blockage in input channel for Japanese universities.
But the way Japanese embassies have promoted their language courses,it has reduced the language barrier as this report suggests.

Major share of students coming to Japan are from Asia itself with 107,260 Chinese,61 thousand Vietnamese,Nepali students counted to more than 20 thousand and almost 15 thousand South Korean students
all together caused this spike in the curve of Japanese foreign education sector.

Considering your enthusiasm to completely go through an article on Japanese education,we believe you are sooner or later going to be visiting the land of rising sun.
In that case this might help 😉