Le1s Flash Sale Review :Another Flipkart Fail ?

Disclaimer : Based on customers account on their experice with the sale

LeEco has reportedly sold more than 1,50,000 Le1s cellphones in Indian market as Flipkart successfully drove a mass audience of 9,00,000+ customers for its sale officially registered for 2 sales.

Le1s termed as flagship killer by the company LeEco is definitely hottest pick in the cellphone market for a very low cost range of just 11,999 Rs. in the Indian market.
Youtube is flooded with reviews about it and all of them passing it as a worth buying product.

With great power comes…..
Such enormous response seems to have backfired as many customers reportedly pointed out failure of its sale.Not to forget the history of flipkart in organizing such online sales is not so reputed as it has branded across.This seem to be yet another case.

Coming back to Le1s Flash sale fail reviews, we present here the other side of not being reported stuff as for mostly all you can see is company boasting a new industry success in its sale.

On both occasions ‘Sale Not Running‘ Prompted on users’ window when they clicked
Buy Now button that flashed immediately after the timer ran zero.
Here is a video posted on twitter by Onkar Sankpal 

Another Video on YouTube shows how the timer actually lags in synchronizing with actual IST time  and for a moment suggests a method on breaching the sale by adjusting time setting on a device.

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One more failure occurred to users when even after successfully clicking on ‘Buy now’ Link and adding the product to their carts,they were made to wait for 2 minutes before they could actually go into their carts and finish the sale by placing the order.

And when they did,they found its already out of stock

Now lets just go rewind the story and refer to LeEco’s claim of selling 70,000 phones in just 2 seconds,It still seems impossible to complete all buying steps in just 2 seconds without having any other way.Many availed axis bank payment offer by entering card details,all done in 2 seconds.
So obviously clicking ‘Buy Now’ is a sale for company but it doesn’t seems to be a purchase for customer.

Moving on,the fair deal was breached by hackers too and genuine customers couldn’t buy it.
YouTube has several videos with PROOF of spoofing the website and making sure that you get one buy auto-script method.


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Sadly,genuine buyers lost another round,this time to hackers and the company seems to be to busy selling units as it couldn’t block such unfair means.

If we look at the whole picture,there are even claims surfing on the internet that the sale was never meant to be a fair deal rather it was just a method of promoting the company by creating hype.
As Twitter user Ash has raised this very fair question

As from his reference link here one can see that around 30k phones were imported while the company itself claimed to have sold over 70k phones in the first flash sale itself.

The sale is definitely a hit as the company has been promoting but we cant either reject this fact completely that customers are not that satisfied as it is being promoted.

A lot more are waiting for the next flash sale scheduled on 16th of February and we really hope that company satisfies all its genuine customers and take action on such reports.