Limit Of Miniaturisation

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A team of Columbia Engineering researchers under the guidance of venkataraman created first ever single molecule device.The device created has the pottential to meet the need of real world technologies for nanoscale devices.
Comparing with all the previous designs and old models available till now this device or this single molecule diode works 50 times better than them.
The team with NRI scientist Latha Venkataraman discovered this device which works on only one single active element i.e. a single molecule.
Smaller spaces means smaller devices,in the field of moleculer science there is always a race of miniaturisation but this single molecule device has limit the miniaturisation.
The idea behind this disvovery was suggested by Arieh Aviram and Mark Ratner who had already theorised it in 1974 -That a single molecule can act as a rectifier or a one way conductor of electric current.
The team is now trying to further increase the rectifying ratios observed ,using other moleculer system.