New Zealand stricken on Indian Students

New Zealand has been one of the most favorite destination for Indians looking for foreign education.

The natural beauty and excellent facilities has made it even top priority for many.

But this year has been hard for those looking for their student visas and peruse their dreams in New Zealand.

Continuing the pattern of last 5 years,New Zealand has further stricken visa rules leading to a massive drop of 52 %.

Last year 6462 Indian Students were accepted for Visa,unfortunately and as dangerous as it may sound this year numbers have fallen to only 3102.

However it’s still better than what unknown may come.These rules have been imposed to creat a much exclusive and better environment.

Our experts have following advice for those planning for education in New Zealand

  • The government of New Zealand wants every foreign kid to be self dependent and be able to handle any trouble on own.
  • Besides being confident in the Interview you need to show some materialistic assurance of your self dependence capabilities.
  • A fair amount of bank deposit will create a good impression in this case as government has already stated it to be a major issue in rejections.
  • The government is also focusing on revamping the quality intake after years of successful quantity intake.
  • They are now examining English language skills of applicants much much strictly than they have ever before.
  • In such case brushing up your language skills can be a lifesaver.


We spoke to our Partner colleges in New Zealand who are actually surprised by government’s strictness and have called it completely unreasonable.

It’s hard to predict what the future in New Zealand is going to be for Indian Students but as far as we know or as far as for what we Indians are known for,

Indian students never give up 



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