No more power cut-India in FY 17

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This June onwards,If all goes as planned, India will see a historical year with no powercut.

As much as stats suggest,India is set to produce more electricity than required in this fascial year of 2017.

According to Economics Times,Central Electricity Authority officials have released a data suggesting the said possibility.Imdia will have a surplus of 3.1% during peak hours and 1.1% during non-peak hours during 2016-17.

Western India will have surplus electricity at 6.9%. Eastern region will have the maximum shortage of 10.3% and northeastern region at 8.3%. The northern states will have a deficit of 1.8% during the year.

Piyush Goyal during his two year of tenure as Power minister has acheived highest ever conventional power capacity of 46,453 MW  added during his tenure and about 11,000 MW of gas plants have been revived and coal shortages to power plants removed.

Officials give the credit to government for adopting policies that changed the game and provided more coal reserves to plants that once faced complete shortage leading to infamous nationwide blackout.

Even if the production data suggest that it’s really possible,the infrastructural difficulties will still cause some flaws in the claim.

For example, shutting of power transmission units for thermal cool down after a long work cycle.Also the cut caused for other maintenance purposes like changing of transmission devices at various level,we still are going to see power cuts.

But better late than never.India is finally on the positive side of demand: production ration for the first time in history and that’s enough for the moment to gain the momentum for development.