A village that plants 111 trees for every girl born

Piplantri village of southern rajasthan’s rajasmand district was in news this march 2015.This village not only embraces daughters but also created a tradition of planting 111 trees every-time on birth of a girl child.The plants are planted in her honor.
The village came in to news when documentary India’s daughters created international debate.The documentary portrayed violence against women like rape and abuse in India and much of the world think-tanks started to name India as a Nation unsafe for women.
The tradition was started by village’s former sarpanch shyam sundar paliwal in 2006.He started the initiative in the memory of his daughter kiran,who died a few years ago.
The tradition at piplantri sets a different example of respect and honor for women by planting 111 trees whenever a girl child is born.To protect the trees from termites,the residents plants aloe vera plants around them.
As a part of this village resident collect 21000 between themselves and 10000 rupees from the girls parents.This sum of 31000 rupees is made in to a fix deposit of 20 year for the girl.
The tradition serves two purposes,first of saving a girl child,and second of protecting the planet by increasing the green cover.
In last 6 years over a quarter of a million trees have been planted.