Public demands Indian railways strict laws against misuses.

Indian railways is going through a massive phase of service improvements.

From wi-fi on board to live tracking of trains,railway is doing its best to improve its service capabilities.

In its endeavor ,specials trains play a vital role.

Two of such have already been handed over for public’s use.

Prime minister flagged off Mahamana Express that serves on route between Varanasi to Delhi.

A train packed with whole new range of infrastructure and services was launched as railway’s showcase for future.

But within a week of its life,public demonstrated what undeveloped society can do to a developed social Infrastructure.

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As a matter of fact railway launched Clean my Coach app,website and sms service for travelers where they can call for staff immediately right on their seats to clean a space.But unfortunately that seems not working in our society.

Recently,India’s latest fastest train Gatimaan Express was flagged off between Delhi and Agra with a record breaking journey time of Exact 100 minutes.12932858_1711136245830252_8997216644391155839_n

This train also features a bunch of new services like Train Hostess,Wi-fi,Special food menu.

Specially built by a partnership of DRDO and Indian Railways its current pride of India in terms of speed and service hand in hand.

But unfortunately, public seems to be not so ready for such train as the same fate of service misuse was seen in the case.People littered the space with waste thrown right below their seats without any concern for its maiden run.

People reacted to our facebook post with a common demand to ban such incidents by imposing strict cleanliness laws


Mahamana fate shared by #Gatiman.The image was taken just after first run of #GatimaanExpress with passengers.Do we really deserve what we demand?

Posted by YOUTH BUZZ on Wednesday, April 6, 2016



Ye Public Hai Ye sab Janti hai aur maanti hai 

That we cant spare the rod and spoil the child

We demand strict laws against those who misuse public property or case harm to them.

Maybe we live in a country where,
The Prime minister sweeps streets cleaning waste spread by others
While citizens cant even take care of there own cleanness.

It’s time we impose strict laws and make people realize that everything comes at a price,even wasting public property.

Lets read what Divyanshu has to say,

This sunday while I was at my hometown taking a stroll, I came across a pack of middle age adults ferociously  debating about probably what all is so wrong with government schemes like swach bharat abhiyan while at the same time littering paan shots at the pavement. going a little further I saw super rich kitty party aunties bargaining for just a rupee with a poor street vendor selling inexpensive vegetables as if he is gonna establish an empire out of that rupee & then when I was about to change my path & shut my eyes to wrongs of our society as most Indians do I found myself too cursing the government for the damaged road in front of my house  to only realize it later to my surprise that the reason of which is not the government because the road has been repaired thrice within a year but our neighbors & my parents as everybody in the locality has elevated their front open space veranda to an extent that the road has started water clotting as a result damaging the road each time it is made.This is no story of individuals but the general truth of Indian society.

Most of us would still be thinking of what is so wrong in all that I have written above because all of this is such a norm in India that it doesn’t even matter.Each & every problem we come across is a fault of the governments & politician but we do not in our personal capacity have to do anything about it.Where else do people steal seat covers, food trays, wash basin taps & even bathroom pots(in more general terms laterine ka dabba).
Such is the fear of stealth in railways that even it has to be chained with the walls. once I was travelling through an auto-rickshaw & I noticed the blue color seat covers had Indian railways tag & when I inquired about it with the driver he un-apologetically replied with fervor & sense of adventure that he had arranged it from a train coach as a “jugad” . as I write this post I simultaneously received a WhatsApp message of YOUTH BUZZ’s picture of India’s luxurious semi bullet gatiman express ‘raided’ within a day of running from our national capital. It had met the same fate a few time back mahamana express which was hailed as India’s luxuorious best project was found littered with everything all along. Most of it’s detachable components went missing infact stolen & could now be put to better use in it’s passenger’s homes.It made me remember the times I have traveled in trains & people had this favorite past time of  discussing bad state of amenities in trains despite increase in fare.
Now here it has to be noted that this fare increase was done after almost a decade & Indian railway fares still remain one of the cheapest among all possible modes of long distance travel.  Still such are the people in this country that they claim access to all rights but no duties.everybody knows about their rights but no one is much interested in even knowing (forget about performing) their duties towards India.Each one of us complain about traffic jams but when it comes  to following rules we are null & everybody rushes into every inch of space they get the purpose of traffic lanes for emergency services like ambulance is put to no use.

Not that everything is wrong with our people & our society but their is certainly a sense of indifference among those other people too who tend to have a responsible behavior towards those who disrupt our policies & every great initiative of the government of India.

The need of the hour is to awaken those people out there who wish to & can make a difference to our attitude of engagement with the ills of the society & discover ways of mending it & not jut shrugging off the responsibility to authorities.