Scientists detected rapid accumulation of anesthetic gases in atmosphere causing global warming

The concentration of modern inhalation anesthetics like Desflurance, Isoflurance and Sevoflurance in the global atmosphere is growing rapidly and the concentrations of these gases hve been detected as far as Antartica.
This was revealed by a study titled Modern Inhalation Anesthetics:Potent greenhouse gases in the global atmosphere published on 13 March 2015 in the online journal Geophysical Research Letters.

1).Over the past decade, concentrations of anesthetics Desflurance, Isoflurance and Sevoflurance have been rising in the global atmosphere starting from crowed urban areas to pristine Antartic environment.
2).The accumulation of these medical gases is due to the fact that they undergo little metabolism during medical application and evaporate almost completely to the atosphere.
3).The discovery is of major concern because unlike carbon dioxide,the major climate warmer, the medical gases are extra potent in thier greenhouse-gas eeffects.
4).The global combined emission of these gases to the atmosphere is around 3.1 million tonnes carbon dioxide equivalent in 2014.
5).In 2014,atmosphere concentrations of Desflurance, Isoflurance, Sevoflurance and Halothene were recorded as 0.3
0 parts per trillion, 0.097 ppt, 0.13 ppt and 0.0092 ppt respectively; which shows that the most harmful Desflurance forms 80 percent of combined accimulatios of the anesthetics.

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