SHAHEED TANZEEL AHMAD-Took 21 Bullets for us.

Let us begin with an introduction to this man

He broke the network of ISIS in India.

He investigated and lead to arrests in Bomb Blast case of Bardhman.

He was lead investigator in Pathankot attack case.

He busted fake currency supply in Indian market and terror funding.

He was a brilliant expert in breaking code words usually within minutes.

He traced the mobile phone of Yasin Bhatkal.

He engineered arrest of multiple Indian Mujaheddin terrorist including a mastermind operative Danish Riyaz.


While returning from a family function in Bijnor U.P. ,
Tanzeel ahamad was shot 21 bullets at point plank range by 2 motorcyclist attackers.
The incident whole incident took place in front of his children and wife who were critically injured in the attack.
His brother was driving behind in another car who described this whole event,which was the 19th attck on this brave officer so far.


He was involved in every major operations that NIA undertook in last 6 years,for his intelligent approach to trickiest problems and leadership like qualities to stay in the front line.

IM is being suspected for the assassination .
His fellow NIA official has reported about Tanzeel ahmad receiving threat calls for IM.
“About a year and half ago, I heard him talk of a threat he received, purportedly from the Indian Mujahideen. But I do not remember the details. It is common for NIA officers to receive threat letters,” another NIA officer said.

Currently his wife is admitted in AIIMS and doctors have not stated any solid words on her condition.
The local police of Bijnor has also started search operations in nearby villages and has started major search operations on all connected highways and roads.