Stories Of Common Man : Changing World through Stories

“common man” these two words  are pretty common but have a deep meaning,we are in a world full of common man, and everyone have their story says – Sakthi Swaroop B founder & Ceo of Storiesofcommonman.

Sakthi Swaroop B founder & ceo of Storiesofcommonman a guy from Madanpalle ,Andhra Pradesh and a NIT Alumni who left his well paying lucrative IT Job  and Started stories of common man.After completing his Masters from  NIT Surathkal, Swaroop used to write for wikipedia along with his job ,one day when he wrote some inspiring story about a common man , it was rejected by wikipedia team stating that it’s not useful,that moment swaroop felt pretty bad ,he stopped writing for wikipedia ,but he wanted to give common man’s story a platform, so when one day he was walking on the road he saw an old man selling coconuts. He was weak and his hands were shivering. Looked like he was about an age of 70+ … But still, he was slicing the coconut with his shivering hands.  Swaroop was depressed at that due to a small issue, but when he observed him, it gave him confidence. So he went to him, asked for a coconut and started conversing with him, he was so confident and hesitated to reveal his story as people would show pity on him and he didn’t want that. The coconut vendor said that he was cheated by his own family members and he has his wife who is ill and so for their living, he choose this profession and he ended up saying “until he has strength in his body he will work, and will never depend on anyone. ”.Sakthi swaroop after seeing this confidence decided to bring storiesofcommonman to everyone & left his well paying IT Job.

On asking swaroop that how the company is operating,he told that Storiesofcommonman is fully bootstrapped and currently working in NGO Mode,also they are generating revenue from their Story Writing Competition & using it to update company and also they are helping  needy people with that money.Sakthi is elated by the recognition storiesofcommonman is getting. “So far, we have published around 200 inspirational stories. The Microsoft Bizspark came to know about our initiative and helped us with free software worth $20000. Also, AASARA, an NGO from Mumbai, has been using our stories to inspire people and fight depression” he says.

Swaroop and the whole storiesofcommonman team is changing the world with their words & ideas.