Story : From a dropout to ceo

Story : From a dropout to ceo

How many of us are fed up with the mainstream journalism today? But what’s the solution? Solution is Indians News, an online media portal where coverage is diverse but still fulfils one motive- NEWS THAT MATTERS TO INDIANS.

Rajath Goud, founder of Indians News and 4yuva, a guy from Telangana (then Andhra Pradesh) who rose after facing all odds. How could you imagine a life when you stay apart from your parents for 4 years, well he live that life as he was in boarding school. Working hard crazily and being stubborn is in DNA of Rajath.

He was born in a medium class family of Sangareddy,Telangana a typical south Indian. From childhood, he started creating things as he was more inclined towards innovation & finding solutions in the simplest way possible, you can call him a “judago”. Textbooks never interested him and usually remain out of class because of his habit of asking questions frequently whose answers were not even with teachers!

However, his interest towards societal problems sow a seed in him to do something different from mainstream, keeping India in mind. Real Patriotic he is! His habits are different from many, some crazy one though. His life is no better than a roller coster ride, filled with ups and downs.

One important phase of his life was when he joined Osmania University for B.s.c (Biochemistry). He hardly attended any lecture and as a result, he decided to drop out from college in his final year. In between, when India got its 29th state as Telangana, Rajath got his dream portal- Indians News.

On being asked behind the motive of starting this portal, he said- I am fed up with the kind of media standard our country has, from stupid analysis of cricket to gossips of Bollywood, Indian Youth is going nowhere. He said yes, India has demographic dividend but we are not able to utilise our true potential. He said this portal is entirely dedicated to Indian Youth who can submit their news without any restriction, just a Facebook is needed!

On his journey of raising media standards, he built a team of interns from IITs, NITs, BITS, DU, etc. all are on pro-bono basis. Interestingly, despite operating from Hyderabad, largest team exist in Delhi from pan India. The main aim of launching Indians News was to show the true news to our society & also motivate the youth through campaigns & do the constructive journalism. No doubt, level of challenges faced by him during this creation was far beyond one’s imagination. That too, with less sum in hand. Indians News is three years old now, in this period, portals has been the media partner of many esteemed international organizations such as United Nations, UNYCC. Shockingly, Rajath was still in his teenage by then.

On personal front, his growth curve has always been upward sloping due to constant zeal to learn. He was selected as a the delegate at World Bank Summit (only 250 from across the world), United Nations Empretec Program for India, trained in entrepreneurship by United Nations. And the list go on.

Recently, Rajath shared a story that while attending some conference in Hyderabad, the Program Trainer said that “you guys are so lucky as you all are from Hyderabad (a big city) and you are having more opportunities than the people living in rural India”.

This one line struck him so much that he started another portal called- 4yuva with 10 team members. The whole motive is to contribute towards reducing unemployment and creating a worthy labour force for this country. In a short span of time, 4yuva also gained much views and popularity. His prime goal is to partner with each & every college of India so that he can make every young Indian capable enough by improving their efficiency and to expand the reach of opportunities (fellowships, competitions, fests, workshops etc.) to each corner of the country.

No doubt, Rajath is a veteran public speaker, having leadership qualities and most importantly, a neat and safe character, his perception towards women is admiring, he was given freedom in every aspect by his parents but never misused it, that’s what make him unique from others.

Well, If Rajath can do this, why can’t you? Let’s take the courage to follow our dreams, live your life the way you want.

1000 mile journey begins from a single step! Its time to take that step.