‘Sun Raha Hai Na Tu’ has got a Reload,and its Revolutionizing Bollywood Music

If Ashiqui 2 was a big blockbuster hit in the history of Indian cinema,its music played the most important role in making it that. The movie itself was about life of two musicians so it was obvious that it needed very strong music scores to stand justified. Ankit tiwari played the role to make it possible. His composition ‘sun raha hai na tu’ became a nation wide hit and brought success to the movie.

Now a Few days back the song has got its reload,a whole new version in terms of music and video. The new version is also being appreciated for breaking the ‘playback’ culture of Bollywood as it showcases musicians in the video all way long. It’s Free from focusing on the movie plot,actors and elements that take a song away from what the musician’s vision had been while composing it. Many musicians are considering it as a trend setter for music in India calling it ‘this is what musicians deserve apart from staying behind the scenes’.

We were fortunate enough to interview the man behind the song as we spoke to video director Vishal Chaturvedi


Question :  Normally singers in Bollywood are Playback,they don’t get the screen.
How was your experience in doing this off stream job ?

Vishal : First of all, all the singers deserve their fair share of onscreen presence as they are the voice behind these    melodies. But, at the same time, film making is about storytelling through certain characters which are played by the actors. Singers play a very essential part in films through their voice and the onscreen space is all for the actors, which is also justified as they are the characters of a film. But in present times where the main source of the bread and butter for a singer is the shows and events they do, they need to be presented onscreen so as to connect to the people in a better and efficient way. The more the people will see them, the more they will be able to reach out to the people. And that’s exactly what we have done here and the experience while doing so was ecstatic!

Question : what was Ankit’s response when he saw the complete video after it was ready to show ?
Vishal :  WOW! This was  his immediate reaction on watching it for the first time.

Question : The most memorable thing that happened in the journey of crafting this gem?
Vishal : First of all, I am really humbled that you are calling it a gem. Talking about the most memorable thing….it reminds of all the times when in between the shots the band used to start jamming some or the other track. We had the whole setup fully functional with all the amps, speakers and everything. So it was like a live show. It was sometimes difficult getting the members ready for the next shot having to interrupt their live jam sessions in between almost every shot. And it was all the more difficult as we all were liking it! And then in the middle of the shoot, the mixer seized to work……….

Question : I see you praising Ankit a lot,you even stood by him at every point
So you and Ankit,whats the story ?
Vishal :  I’ve known him since before Sun Raha Hai Na Tu release. Our friendship has grown stronger and stronger over the years. Yes I stood by him in his ups and downs as i always believed that he was innocent and was being trapped to take advantage of his success and the way he was rising at that point in time.

Question : So after revolutionizing the onscreen music in bollwood whats next Vishal chaturvedi is working on?
Vishal :   I am working on another music video with my friend Ankit Tiwari again. And we are very excited about it as it  his popular award winning song Teri Galliyan from Ek Villain. . You will see Ankit and former miss India Ankita Shorey together for the first time. It will be out in couple of days.

So guys arent you excited for the teri galiyan version he said about ?yeah me too 😀

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