TAXI Driver misuses female customer’s contact detail

Its yet another case of woman privacy being breached by a service provider,
When a cab driver in Bangalore sent un-appropriate messages to a female customer that used his taxi service previously.

This issue was put online on social media by the user where she presented following screenshot as proofs of receiving messages by the same taxi driver,that Taxi for Sure allotted to provide her service.


But later on he misused the number that these apps usually provide for co-ordination,and sent her following message

Its a clear case of breaching customers trust on such services and yet another set back for a growing industry that repeatedly fail to provide security to female customers.
Previously termed as National Rape Capital Delhi witnessed a much horrifying case,in which the cab service was even put suspended for months and schemes like female driver cabs were launched.
But this recent case of Bangalore shows wide spread of narrow mentality and failure of such application based systems where users credentials are shared very easily making them soft targets .

The case is being raised on various forums and we at deemand for a proper inquiry in the case by agencies involved.
We will keep the issue updated and raised to justice.

Meanwhile,we also acknowledge customer’s act of bringing the matter in light instead of aiding to it by staying
‘ye sab to hota rehta hai,block maar de’.