The Smart Gadgets

New Delhi: With technology permeating every aspect of our lives, it has become increasingly difficult to take
a break from the every-day demands of reality. With that in mind, Dreamlight is focussing on building an
‘eye-mask’ that helps its users get some ‘well-deserved’ sleep.



Smart eye mask:

The eye mask is basically a large foam material on the outside that wraps around the face of an individual
with velcro to secure it in place. The technology part of the device includes speakers, infrared sensors,
an optical heart-rate monitor and LED panels in front of your eyes.

The different devices within the eye-mask work in this way: First, the LED panels display 15 minutes
of orange light to stimulate melatonin production, followed by complete darkness. With the help of an alarm,
when it is time to wake up, the mask emanates light green lights within. The device can also
play several sounds from pre-selected or default tunes.

The heart-rate monitor, accelerometer, and gyroscopes in the mask can track sleep and provide
valuable information on the quality of the sleep an individual has experienced.


Smart shoes:
A French startup called E-Vone has introduced smart shoes which send an alert when the wearer
happens to take a fall. Designed primarily for older adults, construction workers, hikers and individuals
in other high-risk professions, the sensors within the shoes sends out a
signal to pre-assigned contacts such as friends, family or medical services.

smart shoe



Sensors included: GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope and a pressure system that becomes aware when
someone puts on the show and activates the alarm. The shoe does not need to be connected to a mobile phone
considering that all processing happens within the wearable.

Robotic glove:
For those with spinal cord injuries or those who are wheelchair bound and with limited use of their
Neofect has developed a robotic glove that attaches around the palm of an individual. The glove, called NeoMano
(translated to new hand in Spanish), can be controlled with an elbow or arm to enable grip and release motions.

smart glove

According to the company, those with spinal cord injuries face three major challenges
with their day-to-day lives: Picking up objects, opening/closing doors and
brushing their teeth. The glove reportedly addresses these limitations.