WE TOO ARE BLACK:Indian’s need to count themselves first

When we were studying in our schools,we all studied this man at some point of our study,Mahatma Gandhi.
A part from his book ‘My Experiments with Truth’,was his introduction where he described the exact thing that made him leave his high class law studies and live a life of rebellion fighting for justice.
Do you remember ?South Africa janmbhoomi of satyagraha?
This memorial stands right there where Our father of the nation was born ideologically.
He was thrown out because we,Indians were considered black or colored too.

Almost hundred years later we seem to have forgotten that.
As what happened with those Tanzanian Students in Bangalore shows the level of racism existing in us.What the so called residents of ‘Indian Silicon Valley’ did to them suggests,we are still living in 20th century but Ironically we have forgotten that WE TOO ARE BLACK.
This wasn’t the first time of injustice striking upon our so called devo as the ideology of atithi devo bhava suggests.
We all remember this incident that happened in dilwalo ki Dilli and right in the center of it at RAJIV CHOWK Metro station.

They chased them,pulled them and gave them a proper taste of atithi devo bhava.

Well you definitely don’t judge a god by color when you have gods named shyam and celebrated his shyam rang.

They were blamed for making abusive comments on some Indian girls who were travelling beside them in the same coach of a metro.
But in our own research we found out that the news was something else and we reported it back then
They couldn’t stand racial abuse made by the so called victim group of Indians and when they opposed they were attacked.
And very pathetically the elite Indian crowd at a very porch location lost its sense of judgement and sentenced upon them the Judgement of Mob.
In a conversation with our correspondents they told us how worried people in their native places are due to the incidents.

We just follow the west,and we bully them with the same blind ideology of blaming them all together for any sin that people who look like them have ever done.
These are not those gangsters or criminals from downtown that we generally group them as.
They are here to study and develop into something that can help our society back.
Don’t label them all in drugs,crime and sins that all kind do but don’t pay for.

Recently IndiaTimes released this short video that very clearly shows our mis-judgement towards them.
Spare some time and have a look on it ,


We really hope when some one from our nation travels to a more developed nation,we don’t get to see the same illiterate judgement of crowd because we have fought a very long war against it and any little incident can turn the result of it.
And in the developed world today its a trend in youth where white guys actually wish themselves to be called
‘my nigga’ by black guys

We have this question for our reader,Who are you

santa banta from punjab?
or a chi*k* from north East?
a bengali baba ?
a bhaiya From UP Bihar or an African from south India ?
comment down if you are someone else 🙂

Beat racism,listen to Akon,Enjoy the song

It’s wonderful when we come together 😀