Weather Forecasts now in 3D – ISRO INSAT 3DR

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GSLV’s lift off on Thursday has strengthened India’s dominance in world space market once again.
It is yet another example of ‘less cost+high excellency’ that Indian space program has to offer.
Once again the target of putting up four satellites into the orbit was achieved in record breaking 400 crores INR which is almost half of what International market quotes.

The four satellites that were put into geo-synchronous orbit by GSLV – F05
– Multi-spectral Imager
– 19 channel sounder
– Data relay transponder &
– Search and Rescue payload for distress Beacons

The third consecutive successful flight of GSLV Mark II based on Indigenous cryogenic (Rocket engines fueled by liquid oxygen and hydrogen) has also increased the credibility of Indian space agency in International market.As of the mission,ISRO has proved its excellence in 2500 Kg liftoff capability with art of establishing multiple satellites in a single launch.

Significance of INSAT 3DR

Adding a significant capability to its predecessors in weather reporting,the new INSAT 3DR satellite has Atmospheric Infrared Sounder (AIRS) that can prepare vertical profile of temperature and moisture.
Which can create a more realistic,accurate and more detailed report of weather phenomenal adding to better forecasts.
It can send high resolution data of low clouds and fogs even in night and much more accurate sea surface temperature recordings.
Prior to this,India only had INSAT 3D satellite in orbit for high level weather reporting.By the launch of INSAT 3DR Indian now has a much stable program with an advanced back up in cases of emergency and also doubling the weather data we usually receive as of both satellites have a time cycle of 30 minutes in data processing and relaying it out to observatories.
By synchronizing data output,a new data set can now be received every 15 minutes .

It’s also ISRO’s first successful operational flight of GSLV with indigenous cryogenic upper stage engine and the 2,211 kg heavy INSAT 3DR is also the heaviest satellite ever lifted off from India.