Young Mind, Talent Enough

I would be lying if I said that there is not enough talent in the Indian Youth… Indian Music Scene Is at the top. There are artists who are really dedicated and focused towards their work.. And amongst these artists emerges A young soul named Shanawaz Khan A.K.A. Brothahood from the streets of Mumbai…  when I first heard his track “Keep Going” i was blown away.. I could not believe my eyes.. from the music to the rapping and to the video.. each and everything was beautifully done.
Without wasting much time I linked up with him and had a conversation about his music and life… here is what he had to say

Question : So Brothahood… How did you get into Hip-hop and Rap Music?

Brothahood : I discovered Rap Music ,more, out of necessity . I ,badly, needed a medium to pour out my feelings. Painters make paintings , actors express themselves by acting & I Rap.
People fight using weapons , I use words .Man , Hip-hop has the power to change lives for good & elevate others (morally and spiritually).
And that’s one of the main reasons how I got into HipHop & Rap music & also why I do it.

Question : Why is your name stage name Brothahood? Any specific reason?
Brothahood : Oh Yeah ! To simply Rep Rep Represent where I’m from , my city & my nation.
There are just way too many shady’s & Bohemia’s in the scene right now who ,simply, are
unaware of their identity .There’s just so much diversity in here but we all still together just because of the feeling of brotherhood .
Hence the name , so when people hear Brothahood ; they know where I’m from and what I push forward.I mean When they look at me , they could say “well that’s Mumbai” as if me & my city are the same entity !

Question : What would you like to say about the growing hip-hop scene in our country?
Who are your favorite underground artists??
Brothahood : The growth has been good lately.Rap is no longer considered just as a filler in Pop/RnB songs but has slowly carved out an identity of its own.
Its catching up with the pace in the Bollywood industry real quick.Underground is doing good as always,there have been good mix-tapes dropping lately.
I want to give a Shout-out to The Voice Of The People (VOTP) and Battle Bars Bombay (B3) , for they’ve been working real hard to promote the Underground Artists & the Rap battle scene respectively.
Special shout-out to Thane Hip-hop Movement (THHM) & To The Culture , my brothers have been grinding real hard for it.
Currently my favorite Underground Artists  (in no particular order) would be  Bombay Bassment , Shaikhspeare ,Enkore ,Smokey ,A-list ,Brodha V & Street Academics.
My favorite Producers would be  (again in no particular order) RJV , Sez-Stunnah & Venom Productions

Question : who all are your inspirations?

Brothahood : Mohammad Ali inspires me with his extreme Hard work Ethic. In-fact I find enough inspiration when I look at my parents , their struggle  keeps that flame lit bright deep within me.

Question : Any one artist with whom you desperately wanna work?? May it be Indian or outsiders!
Brothahood : I’m sure me and Machine Gun Kelly can make straight fire in the studio ! MGK,  If you’re reading this, holla at your boy!

Question : What is Brothahood all about? I mean when its comes to his taste, which kind of music does he listen to?
Brothahood : I dig a variety of Music man , not just Rap but a variety of genre’s . I bump Rap Music from the Golden Age Era to New School(underground as well as commercial ).A lot of RnB , Hindustani Classical Music and sometimes Pop . I think that sums it up.

Question : Inspite of music.. What do you do for a living.
Brothahood : I’m currently studying so that I cannot be referred as a 12th grade failure when I make it (Shout-out to Arjun Kapoor for the motivation) Haha

Question : Do you think artists in India are not getting the attention they should?
Brothahood : I think , the exposure has been real good lately . Underground talent has been showcased in Bollywood as well as other big platforms . So what I feel is that if your music is good enough and deserves to be heard,

eventually it will get that exposure. So speed up that grind and Keep Going.

Question : So now we guess we understand Brothahood more than we used to.Please having you on Youth buzz thanks for your time .Okay,sum up this session with any thing you would like others to hear from you.
Brothahood : Yo I wannna thank all the listeners / fans for their unconditional support.The response for the music video of Keep Going has been phenomenal
& I also wanna announce that the Second track off the album/EP Belief titled as “The Day Has come ft Shaikhspeare” will be dropping pretty soon.So  Watch out for that
I wanna shoutout a few people / my team ,Wassup  Nahim , J Hyde ,  E will , Naman & Prerana.

Listen to Brothahood’s Debut Single “Keep Going” here

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